Monday, September 2, 2013

Cheap n cheerful kitchen makeover

Hey, remember that time(s) I said I wanted to paint these cabinets, but they were too nice?

Yeah, I got over that.

And I ain't even sorry.

It's been strictly guilt that stopped me from doing this for two years now. But I finally came to the conclusion that it's my house (my forever house, if plans don't change), and I'll never be a person who prefers dark wood, and nice cabinets are still nice cabinets no matter the finish.

So I took my time, prepped carefully, and painted these lovely cabinets Benjamin Moore White Dove, matched to Sherwin-Williams' excellent ProClassic trim and cabinet paint.

I also hopped on the open shelving trend, mostly because I have some vintage Pyrex that is too beautiful to hide behind doors. Instead of slapping paint all over the place, however, I opted for a no-commitment version with shelf paper and washi tape!

To do this, all you need is a roll of contact paper per cabinet. Use a fun color, a solid to match your paint, or both! Then just trim it and line all surfaces with paper, detailing with an exacto knife as needed. For the front edges of the shelves, tape is easier than trying to cut a perfect strip. Just make sure you measure first and find a roll of washi tape wide enough. For my 3/4" thick shelves I needed 20mm tape, so my options were limited (most options were 10mm). Boom. Cheap, clean, washable, and totally reversible.  

We also added a bridge shelf from a 1x12 shelving plank, painted to match the cabinets. It adds more storage for pretty dishes and less-used items. 

And last but not least, a pegboard! We bought a pot rack over a year ago, but life got in the way. When we finally got around to hanging it, we found there was no comfortable/non-awkward place for it. So we opted to use a piece of scrap pegboard instead. We just painted it with a sample-sized pot of Valspar Stained Glass, then screwed it into the wall with anchors. The pegs and baskets came from Lowes (and check out that adorable Fresh Pastry Stand tea towel from etsy!). 

And boom. For under $100 we've got a light, bright, functional and sweetly retro kitchen built for a Pyrex queen. 

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