Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Sister gets a new room

I intended to wait awhile to share this, but it can't wait.

See? Everybody wants to hang out in Baby Sister's room. It's the place to be.

Shortly after we learned that #2 would be another of the female variety, I started working on the nursery. Whereas Bea's room was mostly inspired by the PBK Penelope pink and green bedding, (before "put a bird on it" was a thing), I wanted to go the full DIY route this time. Instead of a "theme," I wanted an inspiration. A look and feel.

 The inspiration was matryoshkas. Nesting dolls come in a rainbow colors and a smorgasbord of intricate patterns. They're charming and whimsical, yet global and intricate. And what could be girlier than a doll?

I guess I'd be lying if I said the room is entirely without a theme.  The big dollies were gift bags at World Market, and they were actually the find that set the room in motion.The smaller ladies are from AmyPerrotti, an Etsy seller who designs great little matryoshkas from just about every culture in the world. (I confess, I picked the Panamanian and Nigerian girls for the colors.)

We wanted to keep the walls gray (Behr Classic Silver), and to stick with the white crib and dark wood Ikea Expedits and platform bed already there. Pink and gray has always been one of my favorite combos--even poor Kozy always had to wear a pink collar--but to make it a little more bohemian, I wanted to take it in a more coral/red/orange direction. An infusion of turquoise would keep it from being too sweet.

We'll use these two Expedit shelves pushed together for storage. This room has a much nicer closet than Bea's, but these will be handy to have nursery essentials like blankets and bibs, and later piles of toys, within easy reach. I'm going to dress up that lamp with a bright, glossy coat of paint. The changing pad cover was Bea's, so it'll be in the rotation even though it's not a perfect match. It's easy enough to make another later!

 The curtains were inspired by the Urban Outfitters panels in this amazing nursery. I made my own to save approximately $300, and even though they were incredibly tedious and ended up requiring a combined 23 yards of fabric, they were worth the effort.

I won't be doing a full tutorial of these because, to be honest, if you have the skills needed for them you already know how to make them. I simply made dozens of ruffles and sewed them horizontally onto a piece of muslin (although you could attach them to store-bought curtains too). YouTube has some great ruffle tutorials if you're wanting to learn that technique--it's really very simple. A ruffler/gathering foot would have saved me oodles of time, but I decided to save the $30 instead.


The dresser is an Ikea Hemnes that we had in our bedroom in our previous house. We don't need a dresser here with our built-ins, so it's been in the basement awaiting child #2's use or a Craigslist purge. It was black, so it got a treatment of oil-based paint in Martha Stewart Hummingbird Blue, same as the buffet I did. Full disclosure: I tried to use the leftover latex from that project first. It never cured and peeled off in big ugly sheets. If you want to paint a Hemnes piece, go ahead and deal with the oil from the get-go.

I also replaced the old knobs (one of which was defective and had been missing since we bought the dumb thing five years ago) with these cute hand-painted ones from Hobby Lobby. 

 I have a couple remaining projects to tackle. One is this bed. I'm thinking of trying to dye the Ikea duvet cover before replacing it with anything, just because it can be so expensive to buy enough fabric to create one. The trundle may move down to the guest room in the basement, but if not, it'll need a little upgrade too.

That uggo nursery glider you see in some of these pics is also going to get some TLC. I'll be painting it white and remaking the cushions with this gray and white polka dot. You can barely give away these nursery gliders on CL, so I figure I'll either recoup costs by selling it as a more modern update, or we'll like it enough to keep it around for another purpose. Win-win.

But the good news is, the crib is ready to go!

 The exciting part is that all of this is homemade. I made the sheet with Michael Miller Secret Garden Lock and Key in coral, using the measurements provided in this easy tutorial. The bedskirt is made from Michael Miller Sorbet Spa Ikat Coral--I'll be showing you how to make this simple box pleated skirt next time!

The embroidery hoops (a cute easy project that's been floating around Pinterest for awhile) echo the fabrics in the room. I'd like to add a few more of the smallest size for a bit of a "bubble" look with less symmetry. The reason for the arched shape is that once Baby Sister has a name, we'll be adding it to the wall with wooden letters. Most of the names on our short list are longer, so things may be shifted a bit.


My mom made this amazing quilt at lightning speed. We picked out the fabrics together at Jo-Ann, and a week later it was done. And I thought I was fast.

So there you go! Even in its perfectly imperfect state, I love this room so much that I couldn't wait to brag about it. Big Sister and I spend time in here every day, enjoying the peace and comfort of this dark, cool sanctuary. Soon enough, it'll be chaotic and messy...and I look forward to it immensely.

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  1. Hi Kylie,
    Thank you for the post. The nursery looks great! Love your color choices with the quilt and embroidery hoop fabric, and the pop of color from the blue dresser tying in with both. And of course I love the Matryoshka! :)