Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chic Scarf

I have to show you the coolest, easiest project ever. It's this super cute braided scarf from Put Up Your Dukes:

I stumbled upon it from another blog and pinned it, and no joke, it was repinned 24 times and liked 8 times within an hour. And then I discovered that it had already been pinned by about a million others. It's that cute and simple. So in the spirit of the Fall Pinterest Challenge, I stopped ogling and started sewing.

I won't rehash the process, because the tutorial is amazing and you should go see it for yourself. I just followed it step-by-step, changing only the number of braids and adding a few twists to the ends before sewing it closed. It's made with two pieces of scrap knit from my fabric stash (which made it free, yippee!). I thought I had some bright pink and navy knit left, but all I could find was gray and white. Not my first color combo choice, but was so easy that I definitely haven't made my last one!

Since it's an infinity scarf, you can play with the length of the ends and wear it a few ways. I like it scrunched and tucked for maximum coziness...

...but you can wear one end long...

...or wear it in a single loop, long and open.

(This face looks like "something stinks" but it's actually "wait I lost my earring." Why yes, thank you, I should be a model.)

Seriously, try it out!

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