Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ready to Run

What was supposed to be a birthday project for Beatrix's birthday turned into a home project tonight. I was planning on making a table runner out of several cute coordinating birthday fabrics, but when I looked at this one up close, it was just too perfect to get lost in other cutesy kid fabrics. 

So it became an everyday table runner! They're easy to make--just a big rectangle, really!

All you need is two yards of fabric (but I had some leftover white linen that I pieced together for the back, so I made the front and back different). Just measure the length you want it to run, and then choose a width.  Eighteen inches would probably have been just right, but mine is about 24. 

Just fold your fabric in half vertically, right sides together (or just place right sides together if you have two like me). Pin and sew around three sides. 

Snip your corners so they fold out nice and sharp... 

...then reverse the whole thing and press, press, press. I cannot overstate how much difference a hot steam iron makes.

At this point you pretty much have a gigantic pillowcase, but you're going to top-stitch it shut. Now flip the open ends under...

...and press them flat. Pin thoroughly. 

Now top-stitch close to the edge, all the way around. 

Snip threads, top with fun stuff, and you're done!

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